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Why you should choose a log house by company Monivet s.r.o.

As each log house is unique, we do not offer catalogue houses. A true log house has to be a genuine original designed and built only for you!

Log cabin churchMonivet has been focusing on the construction of log houses for a number of years. Thanks to the use of premium quality materials and the craftsmanship of our professionals, we are able to build matchless log houses. Our experienced architects and designers are ready to assist you in creating a project according to your wishes. They will familiarize you with a variety of materials and their use, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. They will recommend the best possible placement solution with regard to their properties. They will guide you through the methods of preserving and caring for wood, and explain the characteristics of various other materials.

In this respect, Monivet takes advantage of state-of-the-art scientific findings. Nature-based products, namely natural oils and waxes, provide the most effective protection, they guarantee maximum resistance to changing weather conditions and preserve the natural appearance of wood and it visible structure. When designing the layout and shape of our log houses, we cooperate with a Feng Shui expert. We believe that this ancient Chinese geomancy system, which is based on harmonizing the energy flows inside the house and its surrounding environment, will make your life and home more pleasant.

Major buildersThe material used for the construction of a log house is carefully selected by our professionals and experts. We use only healthy and fully-grown trees in order to guarantee structure stability and endurance. When selecting logs, we also take into account their appearance. Logs with surface or visual defects are discarded from production. The painstaking selection process is rewarded by the immense satisfaction of the investors after seeing the interior and exterior walls of their house. Wood is an amazing material and that is precisely how it appears on the outside. You will immediately fall in love with the massive beams and logs, you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of wood and living in a log house will suddenly seem quite natural to you.

When it comes to designing the log house interiors, we cooperate with specialised design studios. We create kitchen and bathroom designs. Our specialists are ready to share their experience and advice with you.

Living in a log house is incomparable to living in a conventional house. You will enjoy each day as your house will literally fill you with new energy. The ever-present scent of resins will always remind you of the genuinely natural origin of your house.

Monivet is here to help you create a space where you may make your dreams come true.

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