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About Monivet company

Prior to the foundation of our company, Mr. Ota Doležal – the company promoter – had an idea of how to build family houses of such features and used materials that would be close to as well as available for as wide as possible group of people. The Movinet company and people around it are primarily aimed to give a chance to live in your own house, which is related not only to a young generation.

What we prefer is forthrightness, personal attitude and absolute informedness of a client; these are naturally our standard aims and basis for good cooperation. Considering the construction technologies we are specialized in low-energy family houses, since the real beginning.

Wood is our main construction material. From our point of view is wood the best possible choice when building family houses, as many facts supports this kind of view. Wood is featured by many amazing characteristics and radiates a sort of inner energy, which you can recognize in each part of a house. Wood also positively contributes to inhabitants of a house. A man living inside a wooden house has a feeling the house spoils him, which is the real fact. The obviously perceptible difference between the staying in wooden house and conventional brick house was the main aspect while considering the directions of our company and aims of company promoter.

Each house offered by the Movinet company is always built with respect to its future inhabitants. Within the phase of project and during the realization the client has a possibility to enter it and propose alterations according to his/her own ideas. Ideology of our company and of company promoter is very close to Eastern philosophy of Feng-shui. System of its principles and rules is never being forgotten when designing project parameters, ground shaping as well as the location and orientation of the house. We are willing to consult Feng-shui knowledge and advice with our clients anytime and for free. Nowadays, this kind of knowledge (science) is being plentifully used not only within family houses build-up, but it is becoming very popular thanks to its brought positives.

We really emphasize the overall influence of the family house and its surroundings, which is not considered by us as some kind of extra service, but we understand it more as one of the Movinet company characteristics. Such an attitude results in creation of a harmonic environment, which is ideal for satisfied life of its inhabitants.

Motto of our Promoter

The greatest success of a man is
when your mind creates an idea that captures it,
when your heart yearns for something that drives it,
when your soul is identified with the both and you are given the right guardian angel,
then the God's Eye is fired above you,
then all over the world there is nothing you can do and what a man could achieve.

If you are able to create a team of more people thinking the same way and concert them under one title, then believe that such a title will achieve a magnificent performance and success you had never dreamed about at all.

Movinet Company Promoter, Mr. Oto Doležal


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