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Low-energy Houses

The low-energy wooden family houses offer many positive characteristics that are based on the using the wood as the main construction material. The wooden construction will provide you with the higher comfort of healthy housing for the totally lower operation costs.

The wooden constructions have the required thermal insulation that is preserved even in case of the small thickness of the external walls. The high thermal resistance of the wood secures that the space inside the building can be heated up very quickly, the temperature of the wall remains high, but the heat is not accumulated into the walls.

The very good fulfilment of the most demanding criteria of the thermal insulation is the typical property of the wooden buildings.
The energy saving can reach the value of 45%!

The wood has a very positive influence on the pleasant and healthy interior microclimate. If the humidity of the air in the interior is low, then the wood releases the humidity into the space and vice versa. It therefore works as a stabilizer of the interior humidity that is the fundamental precondition of the healthy living. Especially people with allergies will appreciate the favourable respiratory conditions, which these constructions offer because of the used construction materials. There is also a lower presence of dust particles. Thanks to the micro-ventilation technology it is not necessary to air the house so frequently. It eliminates the penetration of dust, pollen dust and other allergens into the house. The air inside is always fresh with the nice smell of the natural resins.

Among advantages of wooden constructions belong even the aesthetical features of wood. Natural structure, colour and smell effect on man's senses positively. These houses present the lowest possible load to the living environment and energy sources, namely in the phase of construction and of course in the phase of use and liquidation. As this type of material and products made from it are biologically decomposable and belong to the natural nature chain, we are able even when their life cycle is over source from them the energy. Any other material cannot be featured like this.

Construction coming from such a renewable source is surprisingly fast thanks to the know-how and experience of our specialists and builders. In case of optimally favourable conditions the log house construction can be realized already within 13-16 weeks and after this period of time a new owner can move in immediately. Building-up a house within such a short period is possible only thanks to the absence of wet processes during a build-up process and necessity to dry the house and overwinter it. Thus the person interested in family living can avoid useless and long waiting before he can move in and can be concentrated just on further important steps.

The low-energy houses offer the high-energy savings for the heating thanks to the thermal-insulating properties of the used materials, but also because of the application of sophisticated heating systems, as for example heat pumps. The heat pump that is the standard part of each project will secure recycling up to 80 % of the energy from the house for the heating and it is also possible to apply the request for the subsidy for it. The photovoltaic cells or solar heating of water are other possible systems that are capable to create the housing with low costs in combination with this type of the construction. The house can be nearly independent from the energetic point of view. 

Considering the current situation in the field of energetics and its worldwide price development, your investments into such systems pay off especially in the context of wider time horizon. All the above-mentioned systems can be combined when they are implemented into our projects. Already in the phase of project the design proposals are brought into line with the possibility of as much easy implementation as possible into the systems of the designed house, if a client wishes so.

Company Monivet s.r.o. belongs to the companies that are aware of how important is to respect and protect the environment around us. The described system can help this approach. We are therefore ready anytime to provide you with the technical consultation.

Advantages of Low-energy Wooden Buildings

Brief review of the advantages connected with the construction and utilization of the wooden buildings:

  • The construction is by 5-15 % cheaper in comparison with the heavy constructions
  • Cost saving for the heating by up to 70 %
  • Savings on the thermal insulations thanks to the insulation properties of the timber
  • Record-breaking speed of the construction - 13-16 weeks
  • Possibility of immediate using directly after the finishing
  • Absence of wet process and technological breaks
  • The building does not need “overwintering”
  • Ecological benefit – without any impact on the environment, renewable material
  • Excellent respiration conditions for users
  • The air inside the house is always saturated by the smell of wood and natural resins. Its influence on human senses is very positive.
  • The construction can be done in any season.
  • High static resistance against fire (lower risk of the collapsing of the main load-bearing structures during the fire in comparison with other materials)
  • Very easy additional modifications or enlargement of the house
  • Service life of the building is about 100 year (or much more in case of log houses)

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